Six decades and three generations are our motivation to prepare our company for the challenges we are already anticipating. It is clear to us that sustainability issues are primarily about risk management and not just about business ecology. Doing nothing or "business as usual" is not an option for us. Sustainability is not a condition; sustainability is a process.  









Our strategy

Our sustainability strategy takes a holistic approach that focuses on economic, social, and environmental aspects and integrates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the EU Green Deal as guiding principles. Our sustainability strategy is an ongoing process based on responsibility and innovation. We will continuously monitor, evaluate, and adapt our sustainable development efforts to ensure that we have a positive contribution to society, the environment, and the global community. You can find our sustainability activities in our report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code. 



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Protecting the environment is a high priority for us. We are committed to minimizing negative effects on the environment, using resources efficiently, and promoting renewable energy sources. Our production processes are continuously optimized to reduce waste and minimize emissions. As well as preserving biodiversity, we are actively involved in initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.


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We advocate social justice, and we create an inclusive working environment. This includes ensuring fair working conditions, like diversity and inclusion. We support local community through social initiatives, and we continuously improve the quality of life for our employees and their families. 


Implementation of the United Nations SDGs
We try to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our business strategy and actively contribute to achieving the global goals. This includes measures for climate protection, health promotion, education promotion, gender equality, and many other topics. 


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EU Green Deal
We support the EU Green Deal and we try our best to achieve the targets for climate neutrality, clean energy, the circular economy, and biodiversity conservation. We are working to adapt our business practices to the requirements of the EU Green Deal and actively participate in initiatives to achieve these goals.

A collection of our current measures
Drinking water dispenser

Since 2021, we have implemented drinking water dispensers for all our employees. In addition to giving us access to clean and healthy drinking water, this measure saves us around 1.25 tons of CO2 per year.

Installation of a heat pump

In 2022, a new production hall was built to the highest ecological standards. The production hall is heated and cooled exclusively by a heat pump.

Digitalization of processes

Many processes are still very paper-based. With our "Machine Connection" project, we have set ourselves the goal of establishing paperless processes. We started with the implementation in 2023, step by step.


In 2023, we participated in a reforestation program with our employees, where we planted a total of 600 trees in our nearby forest. This measure had a positive impact on both our team and the environment.

LED lightning

As part of this measure, a total of approx. 1100 light sources will be replaced with energy-efficient LED lamps. The replacement is being implemented step by step, and some of the light sources have already been successfully replaced. This will enable us to significantly reduce costs and energy consumption.
Additionally, we will start using green electricity in 2024.

Circular economy

By optimizing the collection and separation of our production waste (film remnants), we can return them to closed cycles.

Ecological benefit: 60,000kg/a 158.5 t CO2e/a

Economic benefit: 16,000€/a (rising trend)

Our reports & certifications


Ökoprofit is an environmental program that is established in many German cities and regions, as well as internationally. The program supports companies in implementing environmentally friendly measures and practices in their businesses. Through training, advice, and the exchange of best practices, companies are empowered to increase resource efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve waste management. Ökoprofit promotes sustainable business management and brings ecological and economic benefits to the participating companies and the environment. In 2023, we were awarded as a Ökoprofit company for the first time.



The purpose of EcoVadis is to evaluate and improve the sustainability achievements of companies and their suppliers. The platform enables companies to obtain a comprehensive view of the environmental, social, and ethical aspects of their supply chain. By conducting sustainability assessments and generating reports, EcoVadis helps companies identify risks in their supply chains, promote responsible business practices, and achieve sustainability goals. We are planning an EcoVadis assessment for 2024 at the earliest.


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